Emerald Pool

Staking with purpose

Welcome to Emerald Pool! Emerald pool brings an added layer of organization and purpose to crypto staking that enable our delegators to fund intiatives and ventures that they believe in using the rewards that we collectively earn. Think of us like something between a community bank and a venture capital firm.

Don't know what staking is? Visit Cardano Staking for a run down on staking.
We are just getting started and are seeking delegators who want to do more with their crypto. If that's you, please check out our FAQ section to learn how you can join us!

Emerald Pool
Emerald Pool


Our team delivers maximum uptime for our delegators


We employ best practices to ensure our pool is as secure as possible


Our platform delivers the staking rewards delegators expect and an added layer of purpose to put their crypto to work for causes they care about

Low Fees

During our initial launch phase, we set our fees as low as possible. Our focus is on building our community, which means delivering the returns on investment delegators want